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Systems & Inventions

Computerized drug-interaction analysis:

 MEDSAFE brochure -- 1st version

 MEDSAFE brochure -- 2nd version

 MEDSAFE fly-sheet

 MEDSAFE trade-mark award


The U.S. Army's first Unmanned Air Vehicle:

   Hunter UAV brochure

Automation for logistics processes:


GPS-based situation awareness:

 FBCB2 brochure


Techniques for using internet protocols in wireless, ad hoc networks:


Automatic configuration of internet-like networks:


Command-and-control systems; automation to aid decision-makers:


Mobile command posts and platforms: 


Security techniques for mobile devices:


Ground-based, short-range air defense:

  FAAD C2I brochure, version 1:  part 1  part 2  part 3

  FAAD C2I brochure, version 2:  part 1  part 2


Ground-based laser weapon system for use against aerial threats:

  THEL -- advertisement about the first shoot-down by a complete laser weapon in history

THEL -- movie 1 :

  THEL -- movie 2:


Gesture-based control of a computer without using gloves or other devices:



Automatic orientation of the display of a mobile device to the cardinal points:


Secure digital delivery of daily movie shoots to the studio from the remote shooting location, and of finished movies to theaters:




Army Knowledge On-Line:




Methods to decrease development risks for large, software-intensive systems:


Closed-loop healthcare: